About Us


Big Mike's Motor Pool is a small home-based, family-run business that has grown out of my enjoyment of active duty and military surplus vehicles over the years. We are located in Southern New Jersey, close to Fort Dix and McGuire Air Force Base, where I grew up seeing military vehicles on the roads almost daily.

We currently have two employees to serve your military truck needs, and they are myself, and my wife Sam. I handle talking with customers, answering any questions you might have via email and phone calls, and she handles most of the packing and shipping of your orders. Sam is very organized and keeps me organized with things here as well. Without her help, many folks might have a different outlook on the customer service of Big Mike's Motor Pool. I almost forgot to mention our 2 furry helpers, Deuce and Cooper. Without their help there would be no one here to bark at UPS and FedEx drivers when they arrive. 

Originally we started selling on eBay under the seller name bigmikem35a2 and still do today. Our eBay selling and customer service records are impeccable, and those practices have been extended here, so you can be assured that you will be getting the quality, service, and quick shipping you need to keep your trucks going.