Bulk Vending Machine Charity Sticker Billboard


Made of durable Polycarbonate, these charity sticker billboards are nearly indestructible!!

Charity sells, and you are more likely to make a sale if your affiliation with your charity is clearly visible. Many machines make placement of a common 3"x4" sticker hard, as you either have it on the side, flat on top out of the plane of sight, or on your canister blocking view of your product. 

This billboard remedies these issues!!

Made of 1/8" thick polycarbonate, the same material used for some light armor shields and bulletproof glass, these billboards will be one of the strongest parts of your candy machine. If you are worried about them breaking, don't be. Most of the canisters on bulk vending machines are made of polycarbonate also and when is the last time you had one of those get broken? 

Each billboard is sized to accept a common 3"x4" charity sticker (not included). Mounting holes are pre-drilled and includes the necessary hardware needed for installation on just about any bulk vending machine. 

You will need basic hand tools, a drill, and a 7/32 drill bit to install. 

I can also make custom size if you want something wider or taller for any other advertising stickers on your machines. 

Email me at bigmikesmotorpool@yahoo.com for more info on custom orders.